Here is a quick summary of what uKnowKids can do for your family as well as the information that we need you to provide us with so that we can do what we do...

uKnowKids gathers and analyzes social and mobile data from 21 different data sources in order to help make your life as a digital parent easier and simpler.

Apple Mobile Devices (iPhones, iPads and iPods using iOS 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12).

uKnowKids with Apple iTunes (local data backups) is our strongly preferred and highly recommended method to monitor iMessages, SMS text messages, and MMS text messages (messages including photos) sent, received and deleted; phone calls made, received and missed; iOS contacts; installed mobile applications; and photos / videos shared via iMessage.  After the initial sync into the iTunes app using a cable you are able to get a backup anytime you like when the device is on the same Wi-Fi as your computer. 

You do not have to use Apple iTunes on a regular basis for your normal device backups. Instead, you may still use Apple iCloud. However, for the purposes of providing uKnowKids with up to date data in a reliable fashion, Apple iTunes backups, which can be initiated wirelessly and on demand, are the most reliable option.

The most important component of uKnowKids for Apple iTunes is our connection to your child's mobile device and its local, up-to-date iTunes backups. This provides uKnowKids with ALL of the information we will need to help you monitor your child's mobile devices with the exception of device location.  

We do offer the option to connect via the iCloud if for some reason the use of iTunes but we can not guarantee uninterrupted access to the iCloud due to unannounced changes that might be made by Apple.

uKnowKids with Apple iCloud (cloud data backups) enables uKnowKids to monitor the same data as provided by iTunes provided your child's iCloud does NOT have Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled.  When 2FA is enabled, you will likely see issues with the iCloud due to the "lifespan" of the token provided to uKnowKids by iCloud.  There is nothing we can do to alter or increase the life of the 2FA token. This is entirely defined by Apple.  

You will need your child’s Apple iCloud login credentials, and Apple's iCloud Backup must be enabled on the child’s Apple device.  

Please know that Apple often makes unannounced changes to their iCloud that may caused interruptions in your connection your child's iCloud account. uKnowKids cannot predict nor control when these interruptions occur, and so that why we recommend parents utilize the uKnowKids with Apple iTunes technology vs the the Apple iCloud technology.  

Users are able to use either Apple iTunes or if necessary the Apple iCloud (without Two Factor Authentication) to...

  • monitor iMessages, SMS text messages, and MMS text messages sent, received and deleted;
  • phone calls made, received and missed;
  • iOS contacts;
  • installed mobile applications;
  • photos / videos shared via iMessage; and
  • mobile web browsing and search histories.

Android Mobile Devices.

The uKnowMobile app for Android enables uKnowKids to...

  • monitor SMS text messages and MMS text messages sent, received (and sometimes deleted);
  • phone calls made, received and missed;
  • contacts;
  • installed mobile applications;
  • photos / videos; and
  • device location.

You will need to install the uKnowMobile app for Android on your child’s Android device via the Google Play Store.


uKnowKids supports Facebook with data on...

  • status updates, messages and checkins;
  • photo, video, event and link posts;
  • likes and comments made and received;
  • photos posted or tagged in; location updates; and
  • friends.

You will need your child’s Facebook login credentials.


uKnowKids supports Instagram with data on...

  • posts including images;
  • comments made and received;
  • likes made and received; and
  • followers.

You will need your child’s Instagram login credentials.


uKnowKids supports Twitter with data on...

  • tweets including images;
  • replies;
  • direct messages;
  • friends and followers.

You will need your child’s Twitter login credentials.

Social Network Scan and Analysis.

uKnowKids performs deep web searches on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bebo, Foursquare, Habbo, Gaia, XBOX Live, Formspring, LinkedIn, Tumblr, LastFM, Flickr and YouTube to identify potential “hidden” or “secret” social profiles that may exist for your child that you may not have known existed.

You simply need to provide uKnowKids with profile attributes regarding your child, and we will leverage these profile characteristics to scan and analyze 1+ billion social networking profiles to find potential matches.


Automatic text lingo and slang translations and dictionaryReal-time Notification emails of potentially risky contacts and digital activities including sex, drugs, alcohol, sexual solicitations, profanity and violence

Daily and Weekly Activity Report emails

Family locator map including location histories and checkins

Weekly Internet & Digital Safety Workshops, a 7 Day Digital Parenting Bootcamp, and thousands of digital parenting articles, ebooks, tip sheets, infographics and resources

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