Yes, your child will know they are being monitored and that you are using uKnowKids. uKnowKids is not spyware.

Allowing someone to monitor a child using a hidden application or in secret would expose the child to the risk of being monitored by school bullies, an estranged parent, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or even a child predator. Our policies also help to prevent an adult from being secretly monitored by another adult without their consent.

uKnowMobile, our companion mobile application, is visible on the monitored mobile phone. This helps to prevent someone from secretly installing the application on your child’s phone and collecting information they shouldn’t have access to. We also do not enable your child’s social network activity to be monitored without first validating that the monitoring party is allowed access to the account. This is accomplished by requiring the monitoring party to know your child's sign in credentials for the social networking site in question.

We appreciate that the parent-child conversation on the issue of digital parenting may be challenging, particularly with older kids. Some parents establish "house rules", such as: "I will need access to your social networking profiles as a condition for using the computers/phones/gaming consoles/music players/internet access and data plans" (typically provided and paid for by parents). In other cases, children actually prefer to know that their parents are keeping them safe by using a product like uKnowKids. uKnowKids runs in the background and is therefore not as visible as having mom or dad as a Facebook friend.

Regardless of your parenting style and circumstances, please remember that uKnowKids is here to help you guide your kids on how to better protect their safety, privacy, and reputation in today’s digital world – surely a common goal for both you and your child.

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