View Your Child's Last Known Location

Have you found yourself worrying about where your child is? Luckily, uKnowKids offers a new age solution that helps parents to locate their child in multiple ways. The product collects coordinates from your kid’s Android or iPhone device and even from social network check-ins and geo-tagged posts. His or her last known location will always be no more than a single click away on your Family Map.

Want to know where your child has been?

uKnowKids offers a “Location History” feature. With a click of a button, you can view up to the last 10 locations to have been recorded by our system.

Scheduled Check-in

After you install the uKnowKids mobile application on your child's Android™ phone or iPhone®, you can sign into your uKnowKids account and set up one-time or recurring check-ins. This powerful feature is ideal for parents, who want the peace of mind of confirming that their child has made it home safely from school or arrived at work on time.

Create safe areas and "geo-fences"

After you install the uKnowKids mobile application on your child's Android phone or iPhone, the product offers the unique ability to create “geo-fences” on our Family Map. A “geo-fence” is created by selecting a location (e.g., home, school, or the mall) and drawing a perimeter around that location using your mouse directly on our Family Map. You will have the option to receive alerts to your email address or mobile phone when your child reaches and/or departs your specified location (by crossing the “fence” that you previously established on the Family Map).

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