uKnowKids knows and expects that you will have lots of questions, and so we work really hard to make sure we can connect with you in a variety of ways so that you can conveniently get the answers to your questions.

1) Help Guides.

Throughout the uKnowKids dashboard, you will find little "i" icons and Help Guide Buttons that will provide you with helpful advice about how to best use uKnowKids and to answer the questions we receive most often. These are super convenient, and hopefully, they can help you too.

2) Help Center.

Please visit our Help Center at This is absolutely the best place to get quick answers to almost all of your questions. We have written hundreds and hundreds of articles to specifically address almost every question you could possibly have. Simply type if your question, and let the search engine do its work. This the easiest and fastest method of getting the answers to your support questions.

3) Member Support Assistance via Email.

You can also email us at We have a dedicated team answering member questions 24 hours per day via our Help Center at Our average response time is about 2 hours during business hours (8am - 6pm EST), and about 6-8 hours during non-business hours. In short, we are able to get back you very quickly with customized assistance to your unique questions. Also, your questions and answers are tracked and can be delegated to available internal resources, so that everyone on our team can jump in to assist you along the way.

4) Member Support Assistance via Chat.

We do not provide 24/7 chat support, but on business days (Monday - Friday excluding holidays), we do enable live chat support daily from 12pm - 1pm EST so that you can directly chat with our team in real-time if necessary. During our live chat hours, you will find our chat tool in the bottom right corner of every page on our web site.

5) Member Support Assistance via Phone.

You can also call our Member Support Team at(571) 327-0912. If we are already working with other uKnowKids members, you may leave a voicemail message for our Member Support team and we will return your call within one business day.

We HIGHLY recommend you schedule your phone call at, so that you can be assured of getting help at a day/time that you are available to work through your questions and/or support case.

6) Get Started with uKnowKids Webinars.

Every day, we hold online webinars to walk new members through the Child Setup Process and to help them quickly get up and running. You can register for our "Get Started with uKnowKids" webinars here...

These webinars are super helpful for new uKnowKids members because undoubtedly, other new members will ask questions that you have not thought of.

7) uKnowKids 7 Day Digital Parenting Bootcamp.

Finally, we have created a 7 Day Digital Parenting Bootcamp designed to get you up and running with uKnowKids, and perhaps more importantly, to help educate you on the latest and greatest best practices with respect to digital parenting.

Hopefully, you will be able to leverage one of these many resources to assist you with uKnowKids. Although we can't do everything for you, we can definitely work really hard to make sure you get your questions answered as best we can.

Obviously, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to serve you best.

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