We wanted to make sure that you are aware of a couple of great tips that can help get you started.

1) Devices all have current versions of IOS and of iTunes.

Please make sure that all of your children's devices have current software. This includes having the most current version of iTunes on the computer you will be using to backup the devices. We have seen lots of parents have issues with the initial backup when the devices are trying to update the software. We strongly suggest you make sure each child's device is current and up to date with their IOS. Below is a link to the Apple website on how to get this done. Please note we have seen in most cases it is far quicker to update the mobile device direct rather than using iTunes.

2) Make sure the uKnow Software is installed and running on the host computer.

3) Make sure the child's device has a current backup in iTunes.

a. As part of this process the backup can be encrypted as shown in step 4 if you choose as shown in from the link below in the section How to Backup with iTunes.

b. Make sure all the settings are in place to allow the device to update via wifi automatically. This is shown in step 5 from the Apple site below.

c. Make sure to select that you are not backing up to iCloud in Step 5 from the image. The device should have selection for "THIS COMPUTER" in the image.

4) Make sure the child is connected to the same wifi as the computer is connected to. If the child's device is not on the same wifi as the computer where iTunes is running they will not be able to connect.

a. How to select or change the wifi settings for your child's mobile device

b. How to select or change the wifi settings on your Macbook

c. If you have a Windows PC please go to the bottom of the following website for assistance.

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