uKnowKids provides parents with multiple technology options for connecting your child's Apple iPhones and iPads to uKnowKids. In short, you can monitor your child's iPhone or iPad by...

  1. connecting your child's Apple iCloud account to uKnowKids or
  2. connecting your child's Apple iTunes backups to uKnowKids using the uKnowKids Relay desktop app (Mac and PC versions are both available).

There are advantages and disadvantages to both methodologies, and so you should decide which method to use based on your personal preferences and situation.

We highly recommend that parents utilize uKnowKids with Apple iTunes because for most parents, this option will be the most reliable and provide parents with the most control.

Here are the primary advantages and disadvantages of each option:

uKnowKids with Apple iTunes (RECOMMENDED OPTION)


  1. There is ZERO risk of your child's iCloud account locking which is an infrequent, but existing risk with the Apple iCloud methodology. This a huge advantage!
  2. Parents control the data locally, and it very easy to trigger a new backup from within iTunes without having to touch the child's phone.
  3. If the device is located in your house, you can trigger multiple backups per day if necessary in order to get information more frequently.


  1. You must take the extra step of installing the uKnowKids Relay app on the Mac or PC computer that your child's iPhone or iPad backs up to locally.
  2. If you have parents in two different households, the Apple iTunes methodology does not easily allow for updated backups from two different locations under a single child profile. This can be a challenge if you want updated data every day regardless of where the child is located. (Alternatively, you can set up two different child profiles for your child in uKnowKids, so that both iTunes backups can be monitored.)
  3. While you can easily increase your child's iCloud storage size if necessary to handle large backups, it is harder to add backup storage space on a local computer. This is an infrequent issue, but it can be for devices with hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos.

uKnowKids with Apple iCloud


  1. Parents do not typically need to have access to the child's mobile device to get started with uKnowKids.
  2. Many parents already have their child's devices set to automatically backup to iCloud. 


  1. iCloud account locks are an infrequent, but credible risk. When this happens, the parent and child must reset their child's Apple iCloud password and then reconnect to uKnowKids. This is inconvenient for affected users, and uKnowKids has ZERO control over what changes Apple may or may not make to their iCloud system and therefore, our ultimate access to your Apple iCloud data.
  2. If the child changes his or her iCloud password, uKnowKids will not be able to get updated data from iCloud until the parent and child reconnect uKnowKids to iCloud using the new iCloud password. 
  3. If your child's iCloud account settings enable Two Factor Authentication, it is not possible for uKnowKids to automatically sync with your child's iCloud account without re-authenticating with two factor authentication every day.
  4. Many parents use apps or hardware to limit or block access to the family WiFi at night, and this will also block your child's device from automatically backing up to iCloud at night.   
  5. Apple provides complimentary iCloud storage space for up to 5GB of data.  Parents do have to pay for a additional space if the child has more than 5GB of data.

Again, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the uKnowKids with Apple iTunes methodology because it 100% avoids all risk of an iCloud account lock.

If you would like more information about how to connect your child's iPhone or iPad to uKnowKids with Apple iCloud, click here.

If you would like more information about how to connect your child's iPhone or iPad to uKnowKids with Apple iTunes, click here.


IMPORTANT:If you need ANY help getting started with uKnowKids in addition to the instructions listed above

Request a Setup Assistance phone call with a member of the uKnowKids support
 can simply schedule a day and time for our team to call you, and we will spend 15-30 minutes with you helping you get started with uKnowKids.

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