uKnowKids can help you monitor photos and images that are sent or received by your child via text messages and iMessage.

This happens automatically so long as your child's mobile device is not using the iCloud Photo Library.  Use of the Photo Library pulls the images from the backup we have access to and places them in the Library where we do not have access to.

uKnowKids can also help you monitor the photos and images that are stored on your child's Apple mobile device.

In order to monitor photos and images that are stored on your child's Apple mobile device, please do one or both of the following:

Disable the iCloud Photo Library

Go to the Settings App on the Apple mobile device >> iCloud >> Photos >> Disable iCloud Photo Library.

When iCloud Photo Library is enabled, uKnowKids can only show you the photos in text messages and from the uKnowMobile app.

In short, one of our three methods of gathering photos will not work when iCloud Photo Library is enabled, so you should disable iCloud Photo Library.

If you need ANY help getting started with uKnowKids in addition to the instructions listed below, please consider one of the following two additional service options:

  1. Register for a "Get Started with uKnowKids" web training class

    We host web training classes throughout the day each and every day (excluding holidays), and we will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started with uKnowKids.

  2. Request a Setup Assistance phone call with a member of the uKnowKids support team

    You can simply schedule a day and time for our team to call you, and we will spend 15-30 minutes with you helping you get started with uKnowKids.
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