uKnowKids is able to help parents monitor text messages and iMessages that have already been deleted on iPhones, iPads and iPods.

When a text message is deleted by your child, Apple takes that data and shreds it in a digital shredder and then throws that shredded data into the trash. That is a pretty decent analogy for what happens.

uKnowKids pull that deleted text message data from the trash and then attempts to piece it back together for you to read.

Sometimes certain shreds are just gone and cannot be found in the trash to make the shredded text whole again. In part, this is due to the # of text messages a child deletes between backups. Typically, only large # of recent deletions cause challenges.

However, uKnowKids is typically able to recover more than 50% of all deleted text messages and iMessages.

NOTE: For devices operating on iOS 12, Apple is more aggressively purging deleted messages from their files, which means that there are more opportunities for deleted messages to be unrecoverable.

From our testing, we can see that the exact number of recovered deleted messages varies from backup to backup. With some backups, we may not be able to obtain any deleted messages, and then in the next backup, we can obtain almost all of the deleted messages. Again, we can recover deleted messages in most iOS 12 instances, but the success rate is expected to widely vary from backup to backup.

How long does it take for deleted messages to appear in the uKnowKids Dashboard?

It can take up to 24 hours for deleted messages to first appear in the uKnowKids Dashboard. This is due to the fact that recovering deleted messages is a very resource intensive process. Rest assured though, deleted messages will appear in the uKnowKids Dashboard as quickly as we can process them.

Where can I find deleted messages in the uKnowKids Dashboard?

On the Feed page, there are a number of filters on the left side of the page including a filter that will show you only Deleted messages.

In addition, you can identify Deleted Messages by simply looking for the Trash icon on the Message card.

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