You can setup your child's mobile device and iTunes, so that the mobile device will remotely and automatically backup to iTunes whenever the iTunes software application is open on your local computer, and both the computer and your child's mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You can also manually initiate a backup of your child's mobile device if necessary.

Configure iTunes to Automatically and Wirelessly Backup to your Local Computer:

  1. Click on the device icon for the mobile device you would like to backup with iTunes.

2) In the Backups section of the screen, confirm that the "This Computer" radio button is chosen (versus the iCloud radio button). This will ensure that the iTunes backup can be accessed by the uKnowKids Relay / asrelay application.

3) Click the "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected" check box.

4) Click the "Sync with the iPhone over Wi-Fi" check box

5) Click on the Done button

Going forward, there is no need to connect your child's mobile device to iTunes or your computer to initiate a new backup.

You can simply click on the "Back Up Now" button whenever your child's device is in the house on the same WiFi network as your host computer, and your child's device will start to backup to iTunes remotely.

Please Note: uKnowKids will only get new data when the child's mobile device backs up to iTunes. This is done by doing a backup as described above. Periodically, some devices may experience a problem backing up via WiFi. In this rare instance, we recommend plugging in the device to the host computer and then manually initiating a backup via iTunes.

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