Smart Tools for Digital Parents

Parenting is hard. Digital parenting is harder. uKnowKids makes digital parenting easier, and keeps kids safer online and on the mobile phone.

uKnowKids, the world’s first Parental Intelligence service, simplifies digital parenting by helping mom and dad understand their child's use of technology, and when necessary, take action to protect the safety, privacy, and reputation of their kids.

To get started, parents create a uKnowKids account and provide information about the popular social networks their kids frequently use. In addition, parents can install a mobile application on their child’s iPhone or Android mobile phone. Within minutes, uKnowKids enables parents to start seeing who is communicating with their child and to understand what their child is texting, posting or tweeting about. To help parents with non-intuitive “teen speak” in texts and messages, the product provides the translation of thousands of text lingo and slang terms.

With all this information, parents will be able to help their children make smart decisions around personal data, when posting and engaging with friends on social networks and mobile phones. No less important, uKnowKids identifies potentially inappropriate or suspicious behaviors or people, and then immediately notifies parents so that they can take appropriate action. Moreover, if parents are interested, they can get daily or weekly summary reports to gain better understanding of their kids’ overall use of their social networks and with smartphones.

uKnowKids also enables parents to locate their child using his or her Android or iPhone mobile phone with a single click. In addition, parents can set up scheduled check-ins and location updates. With geo-fencing rules, parents can also ask uKnowKids to let them know when their child reaches or departs specific locations.

Parents don’t need a social network account or smartphone of their own to use uKnowKids.

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