Android™ - Text Messages, Pictures, Contacts and Call History

The uKnowKids app for Android phones (known as “uKnowMobile”) allows you to review your child's text messages and the pictures taken on their Android phone. Every SMS and MMS sent from, or received on, your child’s phone will be available for you to view along with the recipient’s or sender's telephone number. Additionally, you may view your child’s call history, including the recipient or sender of each call and its duration. You will also gain access to the contacts stored in the phone’s address book as well as a list of all of the applications installed on the device.

Is your child's Android phone compatible?

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What about other mobile apps?

An increasing part of the “mobile” experience is the use of apps on Android phones, and many other Internet-accessible devices. uKnowKids collects and analyzes all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activities occurring on your child's phone and uKnowMobile for Android will also identify what other applications are installed on your child's device.

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Location Monitoring on Android devices

Through the same uKnowMobile for Android phones, you have the ability to view your child’s last known location, schedule one-time or recurring check-ins, view location history and even set up geo-fences and associated alerts that will be sent to you by email.

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