It’s Still a Social Network

Instagram has a fast-growing base of users who “follow” other users in a manner which is very similar to Twitter. With uKnowKids, you can view the individuals within your child’s community of Instagram “friends”.

Monitor Instagram images and pictures

Over-sharing in the form of images and photos is not uncommon on Instagram. With uKnowKids, you can view all the Instagram's that your child has published or posted. They are all within the Images card of your uKnowKids dashboard!

View comments and Likes on pictures

As with other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram allows users to "Like" and comment on their own images, and on the images posted by others in the community. Now, with uKnowKids, you can view all Likes and comments made on your child’s images, in addition to any your child has made on other users’ images.

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