The Launchpad is your go-to location for quick hits and easy to digest information about your child’s social networking and mobile activity. In the top left corner of your Launchpad, you will see a series of icons. These icons are used to switch between feature views. For instance, by clicking on the Facebook logo, you will see only activity associated with your child’s Facebook account. The information displayed on each view varies from network to phone, but includes “top contacts,” “hourly activity,” “notifications,” “images,” “new contacts” and more.

If an icon is grayed out, it means that the corresponding channel has not been connected yet. You can easily connected a social network or phone from the Launchpad by clicking on the appropriate gray icon and following the instructions in the pop up box.

The first icon, the Summary Icon, is the default view if you have more than one channel attached and when you are in this view, the icon will be black in color. When any other icon is clicked, it will change from its respective color to black to indicate you are now in that view.

You also have the opportunity to be presented with a 7 or 30 day view of your child’s information on the Launchpad page. Your Launchpad page will default to 7 days, but can be switched to the 30 day view by sliding the toggle.

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