After you have you backed up your child's Apple mobile device to a local computer using iTunes and then installed the uKnowKids Relay application on that local computer, you must give the uKnowKids Relay application permission to access your child's mobile device iTunes backup.

In summary, the final step in connecting your child's mobile device to uKnowKids using iTunes is to "Share" the data to be sent from the computer to our servers via the uKnowKids Relay application. This is a quick and easy thing to do.

1. Simply click on the uKnowKids Relay app icon in the system tray.

2. Click on Open.

3. Click on the "Share" option that is to the left of the child's device you wish to connect.

4. Once you select the Share option it should look like the change and show as Connected.

Please note the following if your child's iTunes backup is encrypted.  The encryption code would go in the space to the left of the ALLOWED option.  It is the code you would have generated most likely the first time you connected the device to iTunes.  If you did this for the first time recently it is a default request by Apple to encrypt.  This password may or may not be the same as that for iTunes, the child's device, or for iCloud depending on what you initially selected.

If you see the box below it means that you have encrypted your child's device.  Please enter the same code used in the screen shown above for encryption.

Remember to make sure the uKnowKids Relay app is always running in the background. Like all programs it has to be running to work.

If you need ANY help getting started with uKnowKids in addition to the instructions listed below, please consider:

Request a Setup Assistance phone call with a member of the uKnowKids support team

You can simply schedule a day and time for our team to call you, and we will spend 15-30 minutes with you helping you get started with uKnowKids.

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