Please know that we strongly suggest using iTunes to provide the flow of data from your child’s device over iCloud. We have seen Apple make unannounced changes several times this year to the networking and security protocols. When this happens it can cause a delay as our team works to reconnect the data. This issue is impacting not just uKnowKids but every company that helps people access their iCloud data. Fortunately our team is quite good at this and the time our customers are without access is less than most companies but there can be delay as we adjust to things. Regrettably Apple does not communicate these changes to anyone.

We designed the option with iTunes to provide the same great data as iCloud without the issues inherent to using data stored in a cloud. I would encourage you to take a look at the following article that shows the comparison of data between iCloud and iTunes.  
Compare iTunes and the iCloud

If you are unable for some reason to use the iTunes method please make sure you turn off Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Having 2FA enabled will likely cause an issue with the child’s iCloud.  Please note you may not be able to disable 2FA with some versions of IOS
Disable Two Factor Authentication

Here are the steps to connect your child's iCloud if iTunes is not an option for you.

1) Select the Child Profile that you would like to connect with Apple iCloud.

2) Click on the “Cog” icon in the upper-right hand corner of the browser window.

3) Choose the Data Connections menu option.

4) Choose iCloud and then Login to iCloud with your child’s Apple iCloud login credentials.

5) Select your child’s Apple device.

6) Click on the Continue button to complete the iCloud connection process.

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