Combining the Filters with our Search functionality will allow you to focus on very specific information within the dashboard. Such as; only information involving your child.

Click here to view a short YouTube tutorial that will explain how to use our filters and search features.

There are a handful of ways within uKnowKids to "drill down" to see specific information. Check out these tips for narrowing down the activity on the Live Feed tab.

  1. Premier account holders can access a full exchange of all conversations, providing the back and forth context to individual comments and messages. If you do not have a Premier account, you can upgrade from Essential or Essential+ to a Premier or Premier+ subscription once you sign into you account. Simply sign into your account and then access the Subscription tab within "My Settings".
  2. Filters located on the left side of the your account's dashboard and the search box at the top, center of the Live Feed page make it easy to narrow down activity so that you find what you're looking for. This
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