With uKnowKids, you have access to a wide variety of information regarding your child's social network and mobile phone activity. From time to time, however, you may want to review only a segment of your child's activity. uKnowKids includes a robust set of filters to help you narrow the scope of what information is presented to you.

In your uKnowKids dashboard, filters are located in the top left of the Feed page. To apply one or more filters to your child's activity simply click the triangle to expand the filter options beside each category and click the toggle in the filters card. Once you have adjusted the filters to meet your needs, the Feed page will automatically adjust to reflect the applied filter. You will be presented with only the information you've requested. You can filter the information displayed on your dashboard by:

  • Activity: All activity, or various combinations of social network activities and/or mobile phone activities
  • Notifications: All messages, whether they have a notification associated with them or not, only messages that have a notification associated with them, or any combination of notification categories.

Learn more about Notifications.

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