uKnowKids uses social networking data as well as Wi-Fi Positioning Systems (WPS), GPS and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) to determine your child's location.

Google, Apple, various phone makers and carriers have compiled their own very extensive databases of Wi-Fi access point locations by correlating Wi-Fi access points with GPS locations of cell phone, smartphone, and in some cases, tablet computer users. Anonymously determining users' location in this way is part of virtually every cell phone terms-of-service agreement, though most phones allow the user to turn off location services.

When attempting to determine the location of your child's phone, uKnowKids not only taps into available geo-tag information from social networks but we utilize various WPS databases and combine this information with the available GPS data from your child's phone in order to provide reliable and accurate location data under a wide range of conditions, including among tall buildings, indoors and when GPS signals may be weak or intermittent. While GPS is generally well understood, A-GPS uses carrier network resources to locate and use the GPS satellites in poor signal conditions.

WPS does not work when out of range of Wi-Fi signals, and the Wi-Fi hotspot databases are constantly updated by Google, Apple, phone makers and carriers in order to keep up with Wi-Fi hotspot changes. GPS and A-GPS do not work when they are unable to connect to a satellite.

Another reason why you may find that you are not seeing updated location data in your dashboard. This may be due to your child disabling their mobile phone's location services. uKnowKids relies upon the mobile phone (or social networks via the mobile phone) to identify your child's location. If their location services are disabled, uKnowKids (or any other location service) will be challenged to identify the phone's location.

Mobile phone users occasionally disable their phone's location services in order to conserve battery power. The following are instructions for checking the status of your child's mobile phone location services and the steps to re-enable your child's location services if it has been deactivated. Learn more about enabling/disabling your child's location services.

Finally, uKnowKids may not be updating your child's location on the Family Location because your child's phone may be off, the uKnowKids mobile application may have been uninstalled or the data network on the phone may be disabled by your child. If the data network has been disabled on the phone, it will be unable to send location data to your uKnowKids dashboard. Learn more about enabling/disabling your child's data network.

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