If you set up your child's profile and successfully connect his or her mobile phone and/or social networks and yet you do not see activity in your uKnowKids dashboard, one of the following is likely the cause of the issue:

  • If you only recently created your child's profile, it can take up to 3-4 hours for social networking and mobile phone data to begin to appear into your dashboard.
  • If you are monitoring your child’s mobile phone, the mobile application may have been removed from that phone.
  • Your child may not have their data network enabled on their phone.
  • Your child may have withdrawn the permission setting in a social network account that enables uKnowKids to collect data from his or her social network profile.
  • Your child may have changed the password on her or his social network account.
  • Your child may not have used the mobile phone or social network recently.
  • There could be a technical issue with the individual social network or mobile phone that you have connected to uKnowKids.

The first step to resolve this issue is to sign into your uKnowKids account and access the child profile in question. Once you have accessed their Launchpad, you will want to determine if your child’s social networks and mobile phone are successfully connected to your account.

Locate the social network and mobile phone icons in the top-left corner of the Launchpad page of the dashboard. Below is an example:

If any of the icons are appearing as gray, the given channel is not active within your account. If this is the case, follow the appropriate instructions:

Connecting your child's mobile phone

Connecting to your child's Facebook account

Connecting to your child's Twitter account

Connecting to your child's Instagram account

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