While uKnowKids seeks to capture all of your child's text messaging activity, there are circumstances that can interfere with this goal.

If you are noticing that none of your child’s text messages are appearing in your dashboard, please review the following two articles

Connecting your child's phone to your account

Enabling/Disabling your child's data network

If you are noticing that some text messages are appearing in your dashboard, while others seem to be missing, please see the following possible explanations.

Intermittent or limited access to the data network

In situations where access to the data network is unavailable, text messages (SMS) can still be sent and received; however, the uKnowKids application, which relies upon the data network, will not be able to send its collected data to your dashboard until the phone’s data network connection is reestablished and a sync between the dashboard and the mobile application is completed.

Your child’s mobile phone may not be able to establish a connection with the carrier’s data network because of where the phone is physically located or even the weather. (We have all experienced times when our connectivity was “spotty”.) Another reason could be third party applications. Android phones, in particular, are notorious for being tough on battery life. Therefore, it is common for kids, who are away from a charger for extended periods of time, to take steps to conserve their phone’s battery.

For instance, your child may manually turn off the data network. He or she may have also installed on their phone an application that is intended to optimize battery life. For example, “JuiceDefender” is a popular mobile app that turns off access to the data network when the phone is idle so as to extend the life of the battery. The app will re-enable access temporarily when the user engages their phone, or at predefined intervals (every 15 minutes) in order to keep other apps like email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in sync. There are literally hundreds of other applications similar to JuiceDefender - check to see if your child has downloaded one of them.

Learn more about how uKnowKids can help you identify the applications on your child’s phone.

Third-party messaging applications

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of third-party messaging applications like “KiK” and “WhatsApp”. These apps send messages, but they do not rely upon the phone’s traditional messaging capabilities. Consequently, uKnowKids cannot currently capture messages sent through this type of application. Check to see if your child has downloaded one of these apps.

Our team is committed to reacting quickly to the latest trends in children’s use of technology so that we can continue making your parenting easier. We’ll keep you posted as we add new features to uKnowKids from uKnow.com that will bring you even more information about your child’s digital world.

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