We hope uKnowKids is helping to make your life a little easier! One popular aspect of our service is our ability to help you more efficiently identify situations or people that may present a risk to the well-being of your child. uKnowKids calls these alerts, "Notifications".

Notifications are always flagged in the uKnowKids dashboard and may be sent to you by email based on your preferences. Notifications may include:

  • Possible Sexual Content
  • Possible Illegal Activity
  • Possible Solicitation
  • Possible Sexual Content
  • Possible Threatening Language
  • Possible Adult Contact
  • Possible Suspicious Activity

When viewing the Feed page, some messages, comments, status updates or pictures will be marked with a colored boarder. This colored boarder indicates that the post, message or picture is associated with a Notification or that a text lingo or slang phrase has been translated for you. You can click the top right corner of a post, message or picture to flip the card over where you will find all the relevant details.

Learn more about Notification emails.

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