Canceling Your uKnowKids Membership Subscription

For privacy and security reasons, our uKnowKids Staff is not permitted to cancel your uKnowKids membership on your behalf; and we will not honor email, chat or telephone requests to cancel your uKnowKids account. You must cancel your account as described below.

We require that you personally cancel your uKnowKids membership for a very good reason... We want to protect you and your family! Period. 

To verify that the uKnowKids account holder initiates the account cancellation (and not a related child for example), we ask that you follow the simple cancellation instructions below.

To cancel your uKnowKids account....

1) Log in to the uKnowKids Dashboard (
2) Go to Settings page (
3) Click on Cancel button, and then confirm cancellation.


By taking these steps, you will cancel your uKnowKids account. Once you cancel your uKnowKids membership subscription, the changes will take effect immediately and they cannot be reversed without signing up and paying for the service again.

If you do not remember your uKnowKids password or you are not able to access your uKnowKids account for any reason, please use the Forgot Password / Password Recovery feature that we have developed for you (and that is available directly on the uKnowKids Login Page). We have created the Forgot Password / Password Recovery feature for you so that you will ALWAYS have access to your uKnowKids account even if you cannot recall your uKnowKids password.

For your convenience and reference, here is a link to the Forgot Password / Password Recovery feature that enables you to easily and conveniently recover your uKnowKids password AND cancel your uKnowKids account...

Once you have cancelled your uKnowKids account, you will receive a confirmation email from uKnowKids alerting you to the fact that your subscription has been cancelled. This email will serve as proof of your cancellation for future reference. PLEASE KEEP THIS PROOF OF CANCELLATION FOR YOUR RECORDS.

You will no longer be charged a subscription fee, unless you have unpaid charges. Unpaid charges to uKnowKids will be collected. Any promotional codes or lifetime discounts that may have been associated with your uKnowKids account will be discarded. If you choose to create a new uKnowKids account in the future, your current promotional offers will NOT be carried over, and you will be required to pay the then-current price for the service.

There are no refunds for partial use of a subscription period, even if you have not utilized the service after you created your account. If you are not on a free trial at the time that you cancel your subscription, your subscription is paid up through the end of your current billing period. Any unused portion of a service period cannot be refunded if you cancel your subscription before the end of the period for which you have paid as described in the Cancelation & Refund Policy which is incorporated into the Terms of Service you accepted when creating your uKnowKids account.

Please be sure that you review the uKnowKids Terms of Service and Cancelation & Refund Policy that you agreed to when you created your uKnowKids account. If you have any questions regarding our policies, you may refer to the following links for details...

If you cancel your uKnowKids subscription BEFORE the completion of your 7 day free trial period, we can assure you that YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED by uKnowKids.

If you cancel your uKnowKids account AFTER the expiration of your 7 day free trial, YOU WILL BE CHARGED for the uKnowKids subscription plan that you purchased on Day 1.

Please do not ask the uKnowKids staff to make exceptions to the Cancelation and Refund Policy that you agreed to at the time of your purchase because under no circumstances will the uKnowKids staff be able to make a special exception for you.

If you feel that you have been charged in error, we encourage you to file a notice of dispute on the Norton Safe Shopping Guarantee that you received for free on the day of your uKnowKids purchase (You received a Norton Safe Shopping Guarantee email from Norton explaining how to file a dispute with Norton if necessary). If uKnowKids charged you in error, Norton will make that determination on your behalf and resolve the issue for you. If uKnowKids followed its Terms of Service and Cancelation & Refund Policy as promised and expected, Norton will communicate that to you as well.

In order to assist with billing disputes, uKnowKids keeps detailed records of all telephone, email, and chat communications as well as IP addresses, product logins, web page visits, feature utilizations, and button and hyperlink interactions on uKnow-related websites and in uKnow-related products, and we will share those electronic records, as necessary, in order to assist in the satisfactory resolution of any billing disputes.

Hopefully, billing disputes will never be an issue. That is why uKnowKids provides you with 7 days to use uKnowKids for FREE as well as easy, self-serve cancellation functionality. The bottom-line is that we want you to have plenty of time to try uKnowKids for free AND to cancel your account if desired.

You can use uKnowKids for FREE for 7 days, but after the free trial period has expired, we will process your subscription purchased as promised and expected. If you have any questions regarding the day that your uKnowKids subscription started, please refer to the "Welcome to uKnowKids" email you received immediately after completing the uKnowKids checkout process on Day 1.

IF YOUR FREE TRIAL HAS NOT YET EXPIRED, YOU MAY REQUEST AN EXTENSION OF YOUR FREE TRIAL. We will only consider free trial extensions before your free trial has expired.

Here are the detailed instructions to help YOU cancel your uKnowKids account:

1) Go to, and click on the Login menu option on the home page’s main navigation.

2) Sign into uKnowKids.

3) Click on the “Cog” icon in the upper right corner of the uKnowKids Dashboard.

4) Choose the Settings menu option.

If you do not see a the "gear" icon and/or the Settings link, you can simply click on this hyperlink to get to the Settings page...

5) Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page, and check the Cancellation check box to agree and permit uKnowKids to cancel your uKnowKids account.

6) Click on the Cancel Account button and follow the instructions.

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