No. Your child will always be able to see the uKnowKids mobile application (known as uKnowMobile) on the mobile phone. uKnowKids is not intended to be used as “spyware”.

Why do we allow a child to see the mobile app?

We allow those being monitored to see uKnowMobile on their phone to ensure the safety and privacy of the monitored party. Allowing someone to monitor a child using a “hidden” application could expose a child to being monitored by anyone who gains access to their phone, including school bullies, an estranged parent, or even a child predator. It could also expose an adult to being “monitored” by another adult without their knowledge.

We appreciate that making the app visible (and allowing the monitored person to delete it) means that, for the app to work properly, the child will need to cooperate with the monitoring. Some parents may prefer to monitor their children without their knowledge. In the short-term, this may seem to be the easiest approach. However, in the long run this leads to resentment and confrontation and undermines the parent-child relationship.

For sure, the parent-child conversation on the issue of parental supervision of the phone may be challenging, particularly with older kids. Some parents establish "house rules" such as: "Parents will be able to monitor the kids’ mobile phones as a condition of having a mobile phone" which are typically provided and paid for by parents. In other cases, children actually prefer to know that their parents are keeping them safe by using a product like uKnowKids, which, by the way, is far less intrusive than parents reading through a child’s phone on a regular basis.

Regardless of your parenting style and circumstances, please remember that uKnowKids is here to help you guide your kids on how to better protect their safety, privacy, and reputation in today’s digital world – surely a common goal for both you and your child.

But what if my child deletes the mobile app?

In the event that the mobile phone appears “inactive” in our system for more than 24 hours, you will be notified by email. This ensures that if your child does delete the application, you can take the appropriate steps to re-install and re-activate the mobile application. You can also have the appropriate conversation with your child about your expectations for their behavior.

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