We don't lock the uKnowMobile app on the phone for a whole host of reasons including the fact that we think parents need to work very hard to have solid, open conversations with their kids about digital safety and responsible behavior. However, we also know that is not always possible, and so if you need or want to lock uKnowMobile onto the phone, you can easily do that.

There are a number of mobile apps in the Google Play Store that will help you do that.

Simply do a search for "App Lock" in the Google Play Store and you will find a number of free and paid options. We can't make any specific app recommendations, but we understand from other uKnowKids members that this has worked well for them.

Also, uKnowKids will alert you by email if we are not able to get data from your child’s phone for 24 straight hours.

That allows you to have a conversation with your child about your “house rules” regarding technology and his/her phone if necessary.

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