Android™ Phones

uKnowKids from allows you to review your child's text messages and the pictures taken on their Android phone by installing the uKnowMobile app for Android phones on your child's phone. Every SMS and MMS sent from, or received on, your child’s phone will be available for you to view. In addition, you will be able to review your child’s call history.

Through the same uKnowMobile app for Android phones, you can also view your child’s location on the Family Location as well as a list of the apps that are installed on the phone.

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Apple iPhones®, iPads®, and iPods®

Apple iCloud enables uKnowKids to monitor iMessages, SMS text messages, and MMS text messages sent, received and deleted; phone calls made, received and missed; iOS contacts; installed mobile applications; and photos / videos shared via iMessage. Apple iCloud is crucial to uKnowKids' support of Apple mobile devices. You will need your child’s Apple iCloud login credentials, and Apple's iCloud Backup must be enabled on the child’s Apple device.

The uKnowMobile app for Apple iOS provides uKnowKids with device location and photos taken with the iOS device. The uKnowMobile app for iOS is a complementary application that supports your Apple iCloud connection. You will need to install the uKnowMobile app for Apple iOS on your child’s Apple iOS device via the Apple App Store.

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