In your uKnowKids dashboard, the “Latest Images” card on the Launchpad page is a preview of your child’s pictures. There are two Latest Images cards which would show Instagram pictures – one appears on the “Summary” view and the other appears on the “Instagram” view.

"Summary" view of Launchpad "Instagram" view of Launchpad

Click here to learn more about the Launchpad page.

Your child’s pictures are also available on the Feed page of the dashboard. By default, all of your child’s data (including Instagram pictures) will appear when the Feed page initially loads. However, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow the visible content to Instagram pictures. Each picture will appear on a “card”.

When viewing Instagram pictures, you can click the top right corner of a picture to flip the card over where you will find any available "Image Details". Details may include:

  • Who uploaded the picture to the social network;
  • Who is tagged in the photo; and
  • What caption and comments accompany the picture on Instagram.

By clicking the lower right corner of the picture, you can expand the picture to in order to view a larger version. From this view, you can use a filmstrip to quickly shuffle through all of your child’s Instagram images.

Important: After you create your uKnowKids account and have connected your child’s Instagram profile, uKnowKids will begin to sync with Instagram. Depending upon how long your child has been using Instagram and how many pictures he or she has uploaded to Instagram, uKnowKids may or may not be able to pull all historical photos into your dashboard. Instagram pictures posted after your uKnowKids account is created and you have connected your child’s Instagram profile will be pulled into the dashboard and will be visible on a rolling 30 day basis.

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