With uKnowKids from uKnow.com, review all of you child's Facebook and Facebook Messenger activities, including: status updates, comments, instant messages, Facebook chats, uploaded and tagged images and even the location of Facebook geo-tags and check-ins.

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With uKnowKids, review your child’s latest tweets, re-tweets, mentions and direct messages.

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Instagram may very well be the next big thing. As a parent, you should know that it is another way that children can communicate and share pictures privately. With uKnowKids, you can review Instagram images and pictures, comments, likes and followers.

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Mobile Phones

Kids are accessing social networks from their phones, iPods, tablets and computers; with uKnowKids, you can see all their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activities no matter where they are coming from.

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Social Scan

Each uKnowKids subscription comes with a built-in feature called Social Scan. Social Scan allows you to search across more than a dozen of the most popular social networks in order to see whether or not your child has a public or private profile on that site. Social Scan is not intended for monitoring each of the identified profiles. Rather, it is meant to help you guide your kids on how to better protect their privacy online.

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