Facebook Messenger

With uKnowKids from uKnow.com, you can review not only all your child’s status updates and comments, but also all of his or her Facebook messenger activities, including: Facebook Instant Messages, Facebook Chat, and Facebook Group Messages. When a location or photo is included, you’ll see those too! Whether your child uses a laptop, computer, tablet, music player or video game console to access Facebook, you’ll be able to review these Facebook activities on your uKnowKids dashboard.

Quickly Identify Newly Added Friends

With uKnowKids, easily review all the new friends your child has added in the Recent Activity. You will even receive push notifications when your child friends on Facebook someone who may be of an inappropriate age (i.e., over 18 years of age).

Way More Insight than Just “Adding Them as a Friend”

With so many status updates, shared photos, direct messages and more, it’s easy to get lost. Make sense of your child's Facebook activity and understand when and how they are interacting with others in seconds, instead of investing countless hours searching on your own. uKnowKids analyzes all your child’s “digital activities” and displays your child’s trends and habits through helpful graphs, so you can get a clear picture.

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