iCloud or iTunes? Which one to use for backing up my child's device? Which one to use to connect to uKnowKids?

These are all great questions. A search on the internet will yield lots of articles written that will describe the similarities and differences between backing up to iTunes or to iCloud. We have even found several articles on why to use both services. Here is an article that our team here at uKnowKids has written regarding the Pros and Cons of each as they relate to our servers.

We do strongly suggest using iTunes for the backup process. Once you have worked out the decision on which method to use the next steps will be to prepare the devices. You need to backup your child's device to either iCloud or iTunes.

Apple iTunes and iCloud backup steps

Once you have the backups in place we are then ready ready to get you pulling the data from the backups. The following links will walk you through the process. The preferred method being with iTunes and the alternative to use iCloud.

How to Connect Your Child's iPhone to uKnowKids with Apple iTunes

How to Connect Your Child's Apple iCloud Account to uKnowKids

Keys to Success

  1. If using iCloud make sure the child does not have 2 Factor Authentication enabled in their iCloud as this will likely cause issues. 
  2. Remember we do not pull data from the device. We rely on either iTunes or iCloud for data. To get current data make sure backups are current.

We will need to be super efficient so that we can fit everything in during the time we have allotted.

We look forward to helping you get fully set up with uKnowKids.

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