Are you seeing a white or blank screen? Is a web page not doing what you expected it to do? It may be necessary to clear you browser's cache.

Clearing Your Browser's Cache

In Internet terms, "caching" allows you to do your computer tasks more rapidly. For example, a copy of a Web page may be stored in your browser's cache so that when you try to access it in the future, it loads faster. From time to time website operators, like uKnowKids, change the look and feel of a Web page or how pages function. When this occurs, the cached page can conflict with the updated page and the page may not load properly.

"Clearing” your cache resolves a surprising number of issues. Follow these "how to" instructions (including pictures) for clearing your cache. Be sure to follow the steps that relate to your Internet browser. Not sure which browser you are using? Find that information first.

Once you clear your cache, close and restart your browser. Odds are that the issue you were experiencing will be resolved when you browse back to the page in question.

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