Your child’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one place

uKnowKids automatically pulls all of your child’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activities so that you can review them quickly and easily in one place. Now you’ll be better positioned to help your child make smart decisions around their personal data when posting and engaging with friends on social networks.

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Review of Android and iPhone activities.

uKnowKids collects your child’s mobile contacts, images, images, allowing you to quickly understand when and how your child is using his or her smartphone. If your child uses an Android phone, you can also review his or her text messages call history and what apps are installed on the phone.

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Peace of mind with Location Updates

uKnowKids allows you to pinpoint your child’s location on our Family Location utilizing your kid’s GPS-enabled phone, whether Android or iPhone, as well as WI-Fi and social network data. You can also set up scheduled check-ins and geo-fencing rules to know when your child reaches or departs specific locations.

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Real time Analytics

Analyzing your child's numerous digital activities, uKnowKids crunches the data to find patterns and trends and translates it back to you in a form that is easy to understand. You can find it all, in real time, on your uKnowKids dashboard.

Push Notifications for Potentially Risky Situations

As a parent, nothing is more important than guiding your child away from potentially risky situations. uKnowKids automatically flags keywords and phrases (relating to such topics as cyberbullying, violence, sexual content, and more) and sends you a push notification via email.

Text Lingo and Slang Translation

Kids use an absurd amount of slang, text lingo and abbreviations when text messaging and posting online. uKnowKids leverages an advanced translation engine containing over 10,000 words, phrases and abbreviations. The product automatically translates non-intuitive terms in your child’s text messages and posts into concepts you can read and understand with ease.

Educational and Digital Parenting Resources

Augmenting and the uKnowKids dashboard and tools is our suite of educational materials and parenting resources. Browse, download and share our free resources.

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