Think of the uKnowKids Social Scan as a search engine scanning the major social networks looking for public "profiles" that MIGHT be your child based on some characteristics or attributes of the profiles. Similar to the way Google provides you with a couple links because they don't know exactly what article is the best fit for you, uKnowKids also provide the links to profiles that are might be related. We don't know for sure. We are making our best guess based on the publicly available information related to that profile.

We don't know for sure because we are simply scanning the social networks looking for profiles that have the same name, the same nicknames, the same user ID, the same school/city/state.

You should expect to see a few profiles that are not your child. That is fine. Simply click on the "X" icon on that profile, and it will go away. If you would like to explore the profiles further, you can click on the eye icon, and it will take you to the public profile.

In addition, your child might also have a profile with a social network on the list, but they may have made their settings to be very private. It may or may not be okay with you that they are that social network, but the good news about not finding them with the Social Scan is that they are not being irresponsible about their privacy settings.

We created the Social Scan tool for three reasons...

  1. To enable parents with younger kids to be alerted if their kids set up a profile on a social network without the parent's knowledge,
  2. To help parents identify "hidden" or "secret" profiles that their kids may have set up without the parent's knowledge, and
  3. To help parents coach their kids about how to properly set their privacy settings, so that they do NOT show up in the Social Scan.

Again, think of it as a search engine that will notify you when we discover new profiles that you should check out.

We hope this is helpful to you.

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