uKnowKids from enables you to create recurring and one-time scheduled check-ins as a means of determining the location of your child's Android phone or iPhone at predefined times and dates and receive an email with the location details.

For example, if you want to be notified by uKnowKids with your child’s location every day after school, you might create a scheduled check-in titled “After School”. The scheduled check-in could be set to repeat every Monday - Friday at 3:45pm and from September 1st until June 25th. Perhaps you want to schedule a one-time check-in to notify you when you child makes it safely to prom. Simply configure the scheduled check-in's settings accordingly.

Your child's mobile phone must be turned on and the uKnowKids mobile application must be installed on your child's Android phone or iPhone.

Learn how to connect your child's phone to your account.

Learn how to create scheduled check-in.

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