There are a few reasons for why your device may not be showing up in our listed on Apple iCloud devices.

1. You are using the wrong Apple ID

Please make sure that you are using the right Apple ID to access the devices on uKnowKids. Please confirm the Apple ID on your child’s device by following these instructions:

Where do I find my child's Apple ID?

2. Apple iCloud Backups are not enabled on the device

If you have not enabled iCloud backups on the Apple device, the device will not be listed on uKnowKids. First you need to make sure that the teens Apple device is set correctly. Please follow these instructions to setup Apple iPhone Backups:

**Please Note**

We are strongly encouraging parents monitoring a child’s IOS device to use our new local storage option.  This option completely avoids any and all of the issues inherent to pulling data from the iCloud.  When the data is provided to our systems direct from a computer in your house it will completely avoid any and all of the issues we have seen in our industry.  The only thing you will miss is the account locks.

Here is a great link to compare the local backup method with iCloud.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of uKnowKids with Apple iCloud versus uKnowKids with Apple iTunes?

Here is an article with instructions on how to connect your child's mobile device to uKnowKids via iTunes / uKnowKids Relay software application.

How Do I Connect My Child's iPhone to uKnowKids with Apple iTunes?

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