NOTE: We are strongly encouraging parents monitoring a child’s IOS device to use our new local storage option via iTunes.  This option completely avoids any and all of the issues inherent to pulling data from the iCloud.  When the data is provided to our systems direct from a computer in your house, it will completely avoid any and all of the issues we have seen in our industry.  The only thing you will miss is the account locks.

Here is a great link to compare the local backup method with iCloud.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of uKnowKids with Apple iCloud versus uKnowKids with Apple iTunes?

Here is a great article that will you step-by-step through the iTunes / uKnowKids Relay setup process.

How Do I Connect My Child's iPhone to uKnowKids with Apple iTunes?


The following are the Instructions to Setup Apple iCloud Backup - iOS 7 Or Lower

  1. Connect the device to a power source (plug the device into charger).
  2. Make sure the device has WiFi connectivity.
  3. Go to the Settings on the device.
  4. Go to iCloud.
  5. Click on Storage & Backup.
  6. Turn iCloud Backup on (enable).
  7. Go to Manage Storage.
  8. Select the device that you are monitoring.
  9. Scroll down to Backup Options. This brings up all of the apps on the phone.
  10. For troubleshooting, turn off all apps under Backup Options. This will allow Apple to only backup texts messages, calls and contacts. You can turn this back on later.
  11. Tap Back.
  12. Tap Back again.
  13. Click Backup Now on the Apple device.

You will see a backup progress bar. Let the backup finish 100%. The backup must finish. If the iPhone receives a call or text while the backup is completing, you will need to repeat step #13.

Note: Once you have completed this backup without interruption from a call or a text, you will then need to wait up to 5 hours for Apple to finish processing the backup. Once Apple is finished processing the data, then uKnowKids can pull the data for you.

From now on, Apple will perform an automatic backup every night and you should receive new data once per day, as long as the iCloud Backup setting is turned on, the device is idle and is connected to WiFi and a power source.

Once you have done this, uKnowKids will be able to sync with your child’s iCloud data every day.

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