During the uKnowKids registration process, you provided an email address to be used for product emails such as notifications, activity reports, educational information, product updates and announcements, as well as billing correspondence. This email address was either provided directly or it was provide to our system when you signed up with Facebook or another 3rd party authentication.

This email address can be changed by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your account;
  2. Once you have accessed your account, click on the Settings Cog in the top right corner of the page;
  3. Click on Settings from within the resulting drop down menu and the My Information page will appear;
  4. Scroll down and enter a new Email Address;
  5. Click the Update button.

Changes take effect immediately. Changing the email address on file with uKnowKids will change how you sign into your account only if you are using the email and password to access our system. For the users that access our system with Facebook or other 3rd party authentication, this will not affect how they sign in.

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