Is this invisible to my child?
Will my child know they are being monitored?

These are great questions.

Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods

With Apple devices, we use the Apple iTunes or the Apple iCloud to gather data about iMessages, text messages, phone calls, installed mobile apps, contacts, and photos.  When you use our Apple iTunes and iCloud monitoring technologies to monitor your child's Apple mobile device data, the process is completely invisible. 

If your child has Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled and is using iCloud, Apple does require that the user of the device accept and provide us with a challenge code from either the device or from another trusted device that does impact the "invisibility".  Please know that 2FA does cause a lot of challenges with parental intelligence systems, and so we suggest parents not to have this enabled if you need to monitor your child's mobile device activities.

We do have a new optional and separate family location option that requires each IOS mobile device in the family to have the app installed.  The new uKnowFamily iOS family locator is a fantastic option to consider for your family.  Please go to for more information.

Android mobile phones

With Android devices, we do require that you install the uKnowMobile mobile app on the Android phone. Therefore, it is definitely possible for your child to notice the uKnowMobile app.

Also, we do not "lock" the app on the phone, but we can provide you with guidance on how to do that if that is important to you.

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