I would suggest making the switch and connecting with iTunes.  For the vast majority of customers, there are zero problems with Apple iCloud when 2 Factor Authentication is not enabled in the child's iCloud.
Having said that, Apple has increased their security posture this past year and some customers will experience iCloud account locks. Our current data shows this affects less than 1% of all accounts on daily basis, but can and does happen.
This is not unique to uKnowKids. EVERY service in the market that utilizes iCloud as a data source has to navigate Apple's new stance. A few major players that you can investigate our Web Watcher, TeenSafe and Pumpic. They will all report the same challenge, and you will not find a solution in the world that does not deal with the same issue because it is an Apple issue, not a uKnowKids issue.
Again, the overwhelming majority of customers have zero problems with Apple iCloud, but I cannot promise what Apple will or won't do with their APIs and security posture related to your data and your account. That would be impossible for me to do and it will be impossible for any other company in the world to do as well.
Our iTunes technology completely mitigates the risk of an iCloud account lock ever occurring, and so we are the one company in the world that can completely eliminate the risks of Apple iCloud locks if you want to monitor your child's Apple mobile devices.
Candidly, the iTunes solution works much better for most families.
It requires a one-time setup process with a wired connection to iTunes, but after that, your kids' devices will sync automatically whenever it charges and iTunes is open on the computer.
In addition, it allows parents to remotely trigger backups without having to touch the device, and so many parents love the additional control they have on when they can review new data.
It is up to you obviously, but we highly recommend uKnowKids with Apple iTunes.

Here is a great article on the Advantages and Disadvantages of each methodology....
Advantages and Disadvantages

Here is a link direct to Apple that can explain the benefits of iTunes backup.

Again we strongly suggest taking advantage of the iTunes option. Same great data with none of the issues you have been seeing with iCloud.

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