The pace at which we update the dashboard completely depends on the type of data.

For the social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we look for new data every 2-3 hours.

For Android phones, the uKnowMobile attempts to provide updates to uKnowKids every two hours except for location data. uKnowMobile attempts to provide location updates to uKnowKids every 15 minutes. In this case, the limiting factor is whether or not the phone has access to the Internet (and the uKnowMobile app is configured as installed).

For Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads, the uKnowKids Relay / ASRELAY app will push the iTunes data to us typically within 120 minutes.  

Please note it is super important to make sure your computer will not go to "sleep" or "hibernate" for at least an hour after making a backup.  It does require time to push the data from your computer to the dashboard.

If you need to use the iCloud, we look for new iCloud updates automatically every 24 hours. 

A limiting factor for our ability to provide you with new data is how often the mobile device backs up to either iTunes or to Cloud. Typically, this happens every day if you properly configure the device to do so. 

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