To determine the version you are currently installed on your computer, please following the steps below.  

Also, please note that there is a difference in how to accomplish this task on Mac computers and PC / Windows computers. 

The system tray will be at the top for Apple machines and at the bottom for Windows machines.

System Tray view for Apple computers and laptops

System Tray view for PC / Windows computers and laptops.

Please right-click on the uKnowMobile Relay application icon in the system tray and then select the "About" menu option as shown below.

The application version number is shown in the circled area below.

If are you NOT running the most current version of the RELAY app, you need to get that installed. 

There are both Mac and PC / Windows versions of our uKnowKids Relay software.

Here is the link to the uKnowKids Desktop Software - Mac version: 

Here is the link to the uKnowKids Desktop Software - PC / Windows version: 

For release notes and the details regarding the latest version of the uKnowKids Relay / asrelay software application, click here.

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