I am happy to assist you. 99% of the time, you can fix your data issue by going through the following checklist for us.

Is the RELAY app open and running on the host computer?  Please confirm for me.
If so, you will see the app icon appear in your system tray which is at the top of the screen on an Apple computer or on the bottom of the screen for Windows computers.

System Tray view for Apple computers and laptops

System Tray View for Windows computers and laptops.

Please confirm that the version of the RELAY software installed is  You can right click on the uKnowKids Relay app from the system tray and then select About as shown below.

If are you NOT running the most current version of the RELAY app, you need to get that installed.

Link to the latest uKnowKids Desktop Software - Mac

Link to the latest uKnowKids Desktop Software - PC

Please confirm the backup date and time currently listed in iTunes and let me know what that recent.  If it is not please click on "Back Up Now" and wait for this to complete.  

Please confirm that the backup date and time is "to this computer" rather than "to iCloud".  

It is ok to have backups for both, but we need to have a recent backup of your child's mobile device that has been saved "to this computer".

Please confirm what the date and time is for the "Last check" in the RELAY software application installed on your host computer where the iTunes backups are stored.

This date and time should be within the last couple of 10-15 minutes.  Please confirm that fact for me.

If it is not, please click on "Check in now" link to push the data to the uKnowKids system.

You should also have a check mark next to "Share" for each child you wish to connect to a child profile, and that child profile should be "Connected" as well.

If you have completed all of the steps above successfully (and confirmed all of the information as requested), then we need you to do two final steps that will help us determine what the specific issue is with respect to your account.

Please click on the following "TESTING" link and enter your email address to send us information about your host computer so that we can identify the unique characteristics of your situation.

Finally, we need you to send us the log files for your RELAY software application, so that we can determine exactly what is going on with your host computer, the RELAY software and your backup data. We make it easy to do this.

To send us your RELAY application log file, you simply go to the system tray and then right-click on the RELAY app icon.

Then click on the Advanced menu option and then the Email Log File link.

Please replace the support@reincubate.com email address in the "To" field with the following email address.... support@uknowkids.com.

Then, click Send.

This will ensure that the log file is sent directly into our uKnowKids support queue as quickly as possible.

Once we receive the Log File for your RELAY app, we will review that information and circle back with you with additional guidance on how to get data flowing into your uKnowKids Dashboard.

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