Has your 7 year old asked you find yet again find their iPad?

Have you ever wondered if your young teen made it school?

Have you ever wondered if your older teen has left their friends house and is on his way home?

Ever wondered where your 17 year old daughter has gone with her friends?

Apple has a great tool built into their devices that is designed for individuals to located their own devices.  For parents this works great in finding their kids as they kids and their devices are rarely not within inches of each other.

Here are the steps to find them and their device.  

Go to https://www.icloud.com/ and login with your child's iCloud and password credentials.  If your child has 2 Factor Authentication enabled you need to setup your own computer or mobile device as a trusted device ahead of time.  Here is a great article from Apple to help you understand 2 Factor Authentication

You would then click on the Find iPhone icon

You should go direct to your local map showing all the devices in your family share.  You can always click on the drop down in the top middle of the screen to select a specific device.  This brings up some great options that every parent will love.  

Play Sound - Makes the device chime.  Great to allow your 7 year old to find their iPad on their own.

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