Our team is frequently being asked on how to block certain types of things for the children on the mobile devices.  This is not something we have invested a lot of time into as Apple does a truly great job of this already.  This settings are built into the iPhones, iPods, and iPads with Screen Time.

Screen Time

We do have several areas we as parents ourselves like to highlight.

The first is Downtime.  Apple lets you set the time of day your child's device becomes inactive and when it will automatically turn access back on.  It does have the option where the child can request additional time that is awesome for those special occasions.  I often use this a reward for my kids.

The second is App Limits.  They have the option set how much time per day they can use on any category of activity.  I personally love the one for Social Media and I have a second for the Games and Entertainment categories.  You can set an individual limit for one category or make one limit for Social Media, Games, and Entertainment.

Don't forget the next option down on the list for Always Allowed.  You might have certain apps you always want them to have access to like Messages, Facetime, Fitbit, or a location app you have installed.  

The last area to mention in this article is for the Content and Privacy.  There are lots of great options here but one not incredibly obvious is the effect when you go to Web Content and select the option to Limit Adult Websites it will automatically turn off Private Browsing.  When Private Browsing is enabled it prevents the data from being sent to the iTunes meaning companies like uKnowKids are not able to provide the information to our parents because the data never leaves the device.  

Private Browsing

You might also consider blocking the ability to change accounts.  This prevents them from having accounts for Mommy and Daddy and then separate accounts for activities and messages with their friends.

There is lots more that you can do in the Screen Time and we hope this helps to help you get started.

Don't forget this all starts with Family Sharing

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